Who: Lummo (Carles Guitiérrez, Mar Canet y Jordi Puig) & Javier Lloret
When: February 2010
Where: Plaza de las letras, Medialab-Prado Madrid
Lummoblocks is a new version of the legendary Tetris game designed to create social interaction between people in the Plaza de las Letras, in Madrid. There are 2 versions of the game. In the one for 4 players, players must cooperate to create Tetris pieces with their bodies and place them in the right place. In the one for 2 players, one of them moves the tetris' shape and the other one changes its orientation.

Medialab-Prado's digital facade is used to visualize the game. The mechanics of the game is the same as Tetris, players must try to solve the largest possible number of lines in order to prevent any piece reaches the top of the screen. The aim is to create a playful interactive space located experience. So we design the interaction space so that the user can intuitive know how to play, discover how it works and enjoy it.

With the collaboration of Nina Valkanova, Sebastian Hundertmark, Nacho Cossío, Nenad Katic, Fabiana de Barros, Montfagüe F. Lavandera, Óscar de la Mora, Max Neupert y Abraham Manzanares.

Lummoblocks was created in the context of the Open Up workshop (February 2010), organized by Medialab-Prado in Madrid.